A one off reading may be the perfect way for you to find out more about what's really going in your life at the moment. A reading is focused on one specific area or subject of your life. While I specialise in focusing on personal growth and development I can also help with energy clearings, cord cutting and generally cleansing  Refer to the shop for the different types of readings currently available. Refer below  for testimonials.

All payments to be done via Paypal to the account nominated - account information will be forwarded to you once a booking is made. Payment must be received prior to reading and unless booking at the last minute please make sure payment is made when you forward your questions to me. No action will be taken until payment has been made. Last minute bookings are only accepted if you have contacted me prior.

The sessions I offer are not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment.

"I got a reading from Åsa around 6 months ago and I must say it still rings true today. The messages were simple, direct and yet very profound and some symbolism had very specific meaning to me, which she had no idea about. Reading it again, I realised I still have some work to do! Thank you Åsa for your guidance and support! I will most definitely be back."
Melany Oliver

"Åsa did an incredible job on my reading.  She picked up on things I was already aware of and her elaboration on those issues was very insightful and helpful.  She also brought to my attention some areas I'd like to work on and offered useful suggestions.  Additionally, she was able to connect with my father who has passed.  I was super impressed with her quick response and detailed answers.  I live in the US and she's in Australia which can make direct, person-to-person communication challenging.  I very much respect the fact that she was willing to step outside her comfort zone to correspond via email rather than a phone call to accommodate me.  Thank you for everything!  MUCH appreciated!"
Jill, Pennsylvania, US

"As an intuitive myself, I have no problems doing readings for others, but sometimes it can be challenging to hear the messages from my guides about my OWN life. Through speaking with her own guides and my own, Åsa was able to provide me with some insight into those issues I seemed to have blocks around. She was also able to confirm for me some things that I have long suspected but never been able to get a clear answer on. Having a reading from Åsa has been a truly wonderful experience!"
Stephanie, Indiana, US

"I just had a reading with Åsa and she was very accurate. What she said resonated with me. She gave me the direction and advice that I needed. I would recommend her very highly."
Merrie, Minnesota, US